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Project Management Office (PMO) Solutions can provide a foundation on which to build and manage all key corporate initiatives, both IT and non-IT related. Since our founding, Digital Marketing, Inc. Consulting has been providing project management services in a variety of capacities to our clients.


Strategic areas of focus are as follows:


  • PMO Opportunity Assessments/ Consulting
  • Portfolio Structure and Strategy
  • Resource Planning and Management
  • Maturity Assessments
  • Process Adherence Audits
  • Metrics and Performance Management
  • Custom and Packaged Training

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Project Management Office Consulting Program


PMO Opportunity Assessment / Structure Consulting

Determining whether and how to introduce a program/ project management office (PMO) into your business environment requires careful consideration and evaluation. A PMO is not a silver bullet that can vanquish the demons of project pathos. Even successful implementations can fail to deliver business value if they do not address the root causes of the wide variety of ills that can plague project management.


Digital Marketing Consulting Group's holistic, multi-discipline approach focuses on the identification of the root causes impacting successful project delivery within the organization and the collaborative development and deployment of solutions to address those root causes to improve the organizations project success rate.


Portfolio Structure and Strategy

Projects are funded in organizations to meet business requirements, whether internal or customer driven. A primary root cause of project failures is a lack of organizational support and alignment. Introduction of a Project Portfolio Structure and Strategy can effectively align organizational goals and business requirements and provide the necessary support for successfully completing projects.


Digital Marketing Consulting Group will work with you to perform a comprehensive business and organizational structure analysis and recommend an appropriate Portfolio Structure and strategy to effectively manage projects and align the organization to maximize business results.


Resource Planning and Management

In complex, multi-organizational environments, ineffective utilization of available resources across multiple projects can cause significant project delays and potential loss of revenue.


Digital Marketing Consultants will systematically review the clients current procedures for planning, staffing, aligning, scheduling, and engaging resources to projects against industry best practices and work with the clients to jointly develop plans to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of resource utilization.


Maturity Assessments

As programs grow in size and complexity, so does the difficulty of identifying potential issues, risks, and opportunities for improvement. Periodic, formal reviews provide this information.  Digital Marketing provides an independent review and assessment, which helps organizations improve by identifying current maturity levels, opportunities for improvement, and providing suggested strategies and actions. The evaluation scope includes project communications, retained knowledge, expertise, tools, policies, and procedures.


Process Adherence Audit

Digital Marketing Consulting Group's Process Adherence Audit service provides an independent review of project management execution conformance to established client procedures and PMI/PMBOK best practices.


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